Cantina DeMarie – Sabbia NV (Orange Wine)

Sabbia is obtained using white grapes, vinified as a red wine, with skin contact during fermentation. Expect intense aromas of chamomile and green tea, ripe peaches and apricots. It’s rich and full-bodied with pleasant notes of ripe yellow fruits and nuts. This highly unique wine ferments in steel tanks and goes through a slow maceration with skins and seeds.

Food Pairing: fish soup, foie-gras and spicy dishes.

Piemonte, Italy


Amber (Orange)


13% Alc.

Bottle (750ml)

Oak Aging


Cantina DeMarie

At Vezza d’Alba, in the heart of the Roero region, over three generations of the Demarie Giovanni family have been running their domain with expertise, hard work and a truly passionate love for wine growing, with over 20 hectares of vineyards in the boroughs of Vezza, Castagnito, Castellinaldo and Guarene.