Kolonne Null Sparkling Rosé (Non Alcoholic)

This dealcoholised Sparkling Rosé co-prodeced with Julius Wasem is gently balanced with lively bubbles and a pale pink look. The slightly playful sweetness of red berries and plums is in harmony with lively acidity.

Gluten Free – Vegan Friendly – Low Calorie

Rheinhessen, Germany


Rosé, Sparkling

0% Alc.

Bottle (750ml)

Gluten Free, Low & No Alcohol, Vegan


Kolonne Null

Kolonne Null, founded in 2018 by Moritz Zyrewitz and Philipp Rössle, creates fine non-alcoholic premium wines based in Berlin, Germany. With a focus on research and product development, their team specializes in the development of high quality alcohol free wines.