Paolo Cottini – Lugana 2021

Light pale yellow wine with citrus perfumes and exotic hints. On the nose you will find aromas of citrus, orange peel and bergamot, with exotic notes and white pulp fruit. A full bodied white wine with warmness and persistence.

Food Pairing: Fantastic to pair with fish, entrees and white meat.

Lugana, Italy




13.5% Alc.

Bottle (750ml)




Paolo Cottini

Azienda Agricola Paolo Cottini is the name with which Paolo and Sara, young wine producers, wanted to express their personal identity by embracing the typical wine sector of Valpolicella. The winery is located in Via San Michelettoat the feet of the Fumane’shill, the heart of the Valpolicella Classica, an enchanting and breath taking place where it is possible to visit the winery, the aging cellar with all the barriques and where it is possible to taste the range, admiring the vineyards that only Valpolicella can offers.